This car-chase suspect may, indeed, have done it the dumbest way possible


Though it doesn’t necessarily explain why he might have tried to outrun the law, the suspect’s T-shirt says a lot.

Cops in Byron, which straddles Interstate 75 south of Macon, Georgia, caught their first glimpse of the shirt and the man wearing it during a car chase through parts of Peach County on Sunday morning.

Three people in a rented Nissan Altima that was reported stolen in Florida were southbound on the freeway when they were pulled over. The car, cops said, had been doing 91 mph in a 70-mph zone.

The Nissan stopped near a Pilot Travel Center at Exit 146, just west of Centerville. But when a Byron police officer stepped out of his car, the Nissan reportedly took off.

The people in the car were later caught, including a 31-year-old Floridian the police say was at the wheel.

In his mugshot, you can make out some of what his soft-gray T-shirt says.

One word is stamped in red on his chest: “DUMBEST.”

In full, the 15-word message declares: “No, You’re Right. Let’s Do It The Dumbest Way Possible Because It’s Easier For You.”

Its wearer, Christopher Zebley, who hails from Englewood, a Gulf Coast town below Sarasota, was jailed on charges that include fleeing, theft and speeding.

When asked Monday about the shirt and the statement it makes, Byron police Lt. Bryan Hunter said, “Unfortunately, that’s why I have a job. If everybody was real bright, law enforcement wouldn’t be needed near as much.”

Hunter did give Zebley some credit, though, for being cooperative when he was caught.

“All he wanted was something to drink, some air conditioning and a cigarette,” the lieutenant said.