Quick Action from WSP Trooper Saves Woman’s Life

The actions of Veteran Washington State Trooper Lance Ramsay recently saved a woman’s life

Trooper Ramsay had observed a white 2012 Acura SUV driving erratically on Northbound I-405 approaching State Route 527 in Snohomish County.

The vehicle was colliding into the left guard rail when Trooper Ramsay drove alongside the vehicle and observed a female driver’s head slumped forward. It appeared the driver was possibly having a medical issue.

Trooper Ramsay made the decision to pull in front of the vehicle, slow down his patrol car and allow the vehicle to “rear-end” his vehicle to slow it to a stop. The vehicle was quickly approaching the base of the State Route 527 overpass and had Trooper Ramsay not taken steps to stop the vehicle, the driver most likely would have continued into the guard rail and struck the overpass base and caused a more serious collision during rush hour traffic.

Once Trooper Ramsay got the vehicle stopped, he approached the driver, who was still having a medical emergency. Trooper Ramsay then broke out the passenger side window of the vehicle in order to make contact with the woman. He immediately called for an ambulance and medical personnel were able to transport the woman to Harborview Medical Center where she was treated for having a stroke.

Trooper Ramsay was also transported to a local hospital for minor injuries. When asked about the incident, Trooper Ramsay said he felt like he was “just doing his job,” but is thankful the driver is OK and with her family.

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