Fall Membership Meeting

All WACOPS member guilds are encouraged to attend the fall meeting.  We will be at the beautiful Enzian Inn in Leavenworth, WA. 

September 12, 13 and 14. 

Enzian Inn Leavenworth



Please click HERE for the full agenda: 



For now, note we will have 8 hours of training!  Here are the highlights: 

Training -- 
A.  Law Enforcement Unions in a Post Janus World -- Presented by Will Aitchison, Labor Relations Information Systems.

The presentation will cover how law enforcement labor organizations around the country are dealing with the Janus decision.  Attendees will learn the options available for dealing with the "free rider" problem, whether contracts need to be reopened to address Janus, the emerging notion of "pay-to-play" representation, and how legal defense plans are becoming the subject of much debate.

Graphic to highlight a key point Union Presidents are encouraged to attend! 

B.  Protecting & Serving the Law Enforcement Culture: How to honor the profession and enhance public safety in challenging times -- Presented by Mark Lewis, LM2 Consulting Inc. (Bellevue Retired)

The presentation will cover the history of the profession and the way today's pressures (inadequate staffing, negative media, the "entitled society") are impacting the profession, its proud culture, and its future. By attending this presentation you will have a better understanding of how the profession has changed in recent decades and what you can do to maintain law enforcement's autonomy in defining and enforcing its proud and honorable culture.  

C.  Kindness Citations: A ticket to better public relations -- Presented by Jason Hattrick, COO Life Vest Inside

This presentation will expose you to a program taking Clark County Washington by storm.  Life Vest Inside is a non-profit organization actively looking to partner with law enforcement to work cooperatively spreading kindness.  It may sound like a gimmick, but it's really a first step to promoting law enforcement's integral role in supporting and promoting a healthy community.  Life Vest Inside takes a proactive approach to prevent negative social issues such as bullying, substance abuse, depression, crime and more.  By attending this training you will learn how this grass-roots program is creating positive interactions between law enforcement and the public.  You will learn how your own department may be able to launch a Kindness Citation program in partnership with WACOPS and Life Vest Inside.  While the implementation of any program like this one will require the buy-in and support of your department's management team, by attending this session you will be inspired to look for acts of kindness in your own community, respond to those acts with encouragement, and maybe....work to promote Life Vest Inside with your department's leadership.  

Members will also conduct crucial WACOPS business including: 

  • Setting WACOPS annual budget
  • Setting the 2019 Legislative Priorities 
  • Nominate 2019 Board Positions (President, Seat 1, Seat 3, Seat 5 and the Associate Member Seat (#7))

Please let us know you plan to attend by using the link below. 

Please contact the Enzian Inn directly to reserve your room(s).  Be sure to tell them you are attending this conference to get our group rate ($105 single and $115 double).  Our group code is: 10147.  They can be reached at: 509-548-5269.

We can't wait to see you all in Leavenworth!   

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