At WACOPS, we know a hero when we see one. When you serve as a peace officer, it’s more than a job. It’s a lifestyle, a mission, even a calling. Few people know what you put into it — the hours, the training, the missed moments with family. You welcome innovation and you strive for progress. You’re driven to protect the public and serve with distinction. But all too often you’re misunderstood and misrepresented. We’ll never stop fighting for you. For your safety. Your benefits. Your quality of life. And your ability to be an indispensable part of what makes our communities work.

Safe Call Now is a confidential, comprehensive, 24-hour crisis line and support service for first responders, emergency services personnel, medical professionals and their family members nationwide.

They provide education, support, healthy alternatives and resources to save lives and put families back together.

Safe Call Now

New Aflac Coverages Available to All WACOPS Members

WACOPS is about you. Protecting your safety, labor rights, and pension. The new Aflac Accident, Critical Incident, and Hospital Indemnity offerings below are another way we can extend our gratitude to you. By giving you options to protect you and your family's finances with coverage when you need it most.

Improved coverages and lower costs brought to you by WACOPS wholly owned subsidiary, PSEII, in partnership with Liberty Benefits Group. Featuring user-friendly individual enrollment that allows you to manage your benefits through the Aflac app. 

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