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 Executive Director, Teresa Taylor responds to inquiry from Seattle Times regarding the implementation of Initiative 1639 November 22, 2019 

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During the  

House Public Safety Work Session

November 21, 2019



The Washington Homicide Investigators Association (WHIA) sent a letter to the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC) concerning the Law Enforcement Training and Community Safety Act.

Read Letter here



As a member of the IUPA Executive Board, WACOPS President, Chris Tracy, recently met with President Trump in the White House. 

The meeting focused on public safety policy, including enhancing the nation's respect for the law enforcement profession and the rule of law, and support for a number of proposed bills that would benefit law enforcement officers across the country, including here at home.



Get Your Washington Law Enforcement Guild or Association to Join WACOPS!

For a New Member Application and a Guild Roster Information Form

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Washington State Office of the Attorney General informs CJTC Director Rahr of limitations of AG Office role in any future rules regarding investigations of Deadly Uses of Force.

Here is the memo from the AG's Office

 How the Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs has Reacted to the Draft Rule on Completely Independent Investigations.

Please Read Teresa Taylor's Letter to Sue Rahr, Director of the CJTC. 


The upcoming Winter General Membership Meeting and Legislative Reception will be held at

Olympia’s Hotel RL February 10-12, 2020

Our meeting will feature briefings, strategy sessions, lobbying information, legislative speakers, individual meetings with local legislators during WACOPS annual Day on the Hill, as well as our highly anticipated Legislative Reception. For Registration click HERE!

LEOFF 2 Stakeholder’s Survey Results

Last Legislative session WACOPS, COMPAS, and the WSCFF passed historic legislation when we received overwhelming legislative support to move $300 million dollars from the LEOFF 2 reserves to the almost decade old, and unfunded, LEOFF 2 Benefit Improvement Account.

Now, the LEOFF 2 Board will consider what to do with those funds and when.  To aid them, the LEOFF 2 Stakeholders created a survey to solicit your ideas and preferences regarding possible benefit improvements.  

The survey was only to guide the work of the Board and help them to understand your preferences.

Here is the LEOFF 2 Stakeholder's Survey results regarding the BIA 

Here are comments from individuals who took the survey

 If you have any questions, please call me, Teresa Taylor.  I’m happy to assist you.  I can be reached at 360-352-8224 or 360-710-4318.  You may also email me at [email protected]  

Teresa Taylor's Letter to Sue Rahr, Director of the CJTC, regarding the drafting and final adoption of the rules specific to the independent investigation of an officer’s use of deadly force.  

Read letter Here


WACOPS 2019 Candidate Endorsements


Steve O’ban

Our Washington State Senator - Up for Re-election in 2020

Edirin O. Okoloko

 Judge for Snohomish County Superior Court Position #7

Paul W. Thomson

Judge for Snohomish County Superior Court Position #14

Brett Gailey

Running for Mayor in Lake Stevens, WA 


Law Enforcement Advocates Submit Letter to CJTC Regarding Investigations Rulemaking
Just added!! Please review this document before taking the survey. It will help you answer question #12. 
The attached letter from WACOPS and other LE advocates share recommendations regarding the CJTC's WAC development for the Independent Investigations of OIS.


Please find below a series of document links related to the LEOFF 2 - Benefit Improvement Account. The first link is a short video providing an overview of the account, the need for a reliable funding mechanism, and why WACOPS supports HB2144. Following that link is a March 29, 2019 summary and Q and A provided by Executive Director, Teresa Taylor. Additionally, please find a joint letter from WACOPS and COMPAS. WACOPS is the largest law enforcement representative of LEOFF 2 pensioners. Funding the BIA is a high legislative priority as set by WACOPS members. 

June 26 2019 LEOFF Staff Update BIA 

Video Link explaining the BIA 

LEOFF 2 BIA Q&A - April 4, 2019 

Joint Letter Between WACOPS and COMPAS 

LEOFF 2 History

The Fall Membership Meeting and Election at the GREAT WOLF LODGE in August 2019 was a Success! We want to thank everyone who attended. See you at the next General Membership meeting!




savanah cilk SAVANAH CILK
is finishing her second semester at Gonzaga University and plans to become an Attorney . She is interested in the criminal justice field and thinking of becoming a Prosecutor or Defense Attorney. After she graduates she will move  home to Grays Harbor to build her career.  Parents: Kelly and Officer Harry Cilk, of the Fish and Wildlife Officers, Local 881

 CARSON GUTIERREZ has been accepted into Wooster University where he will begin his Pre-Medical degree, with a Biology major and a Spanish minor. His dream is to become an Oncologist and dedicate his life to fighting cancer. Parents: Tiffany and Officer Jon Gutierrez with Bellingham Police Guild WHITLEY PRATER not only intends to climb Mount Rainier but is motivated to help high school students who are going through tough times by  becoming a High School Counselor .  Her personal experiences with friends who have gone through depression, loss and suicide, has inspired her to choose this path.   Parents: Julie and Officer Dustin Prater of the Fish and Wildlife Officers, Local 881HALEY NICHOLSON has law enforcement in her blood and plans on attending Central Washington University to obtain her Law and Justice degree then dedicate her life to “ keeping the streets safe ”, like her parents and  uncles. Haley admires her Uncle Ronnie, an Officer, who lost his life in 2009. He was one of the Lakewood 4, who was murdered at the Parkland Forza Coffee Shop.  Parents: Joanna and Officer Gary Nichols on with the  Pierce County Deputy Sheriffs Independent Guild

 CALLIE JOHNSON will be attending Boise Sate University majoring in Marketing and Communications. Because of her love for football, she plans on working in the Sports Marketing Field with a professional or college football team.  Parents: are Officer Collene Johnson and Officer Bryan Johnson with Tacoma Police Guild, Local #6

 JENNA ROGERS is excited to attend Gonzaga University majoring in Accounting . The next two years will be full of summer classes, that will keep her on task, being eligible to take the CPA exam when she   graduates in 2021. Jenna dreams of working at one of the Big Four Accounting Firms. Parents: Michelle and Officer Jeff Rogers of the, Spokane County Deputy Sheriffs Association


Welcome Craig Bulkley as our newest WACOPS employee! Craig has been with WACOPS for many years and served as the president for 6 years prior to his retirement from Spokane Police Department in May 2019. With his Law Enforcement experience and passion, WACOPS is honored to have Craig as our new, "Membership Services Consultant." 

 To see the WACOPS entire Executive Board and Staff click here.

 The Draft Rules on training for the modified I-940/SHB 1064 are available.


If you have comments you can email them to Teresa Taylor, [email protected]wacops.org or you can make comments at the CJTC website.  https://fortress.wa.gov/cjtc/www/ 

Please be aware, if you make a comment on the CJTC website you will not remain anonymous. If you desire to remain anonymous, please email Teresa. We agree to express your comments and concerns to the CJTC which will protect your identity.

Get Executive Director, Teresa Taylor's Comments on the Supreme Court Rules, March 21, 2019.



The relationships we foster with members of the Washington State Legislature are essential to protecting the working conditions, pensions, and collective bargaining rights of our members. Therefore, in 2018 with enthusiasm and great respect, we have selected our (4) 2018 Legislators of the Year. Please click on the link below to see our valued 2018 Legislators! We hope for your continued support in 2019 and  thank you for all you've done to  help WACOPS in 2018.


INITATIVE 940 Consensus Agreement Bill Signing with WACOPS

The bill was delivered to Governor Inslee’s office for his signature and the signing ceremony was held, Monday, February 4th!   There will be plenty of work to do with rulemaking in the coming year, but the legislative piece is complete and WACOPS will continue to be there every step of the way. WACOPS WORKS FOR YOU!  Thank you to everyone who has helped and worked so hard to get where we are today. Pictured below: Bud Sizemore, Teresa Taylor, Chris Tracy, Julie Morley, Governor Inslee, Jeff DeVere and Senator Roger Goodman.

Taylor Governor and Julie Bill Signing Bud, Teresa, Chris and Jeff - I-940 Fix Bill Signing

Sergeant Ryan John, Honored as WACOPS 2018 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year!


Washington State Fish and Wildlife Sergeant, Ryan John received the honor of WACOPS 2018 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year at the Winter Membership Meeting on January 25 in Olympia.

January 30, 2019 |A Historical Day for WACOPS | SHB 1064 = UNANIMOUS VOTE from Senate.


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