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For more than 50 years the Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs has been committed to supporting those who have dedicated their careers to protect and serve our communities as law enforcement officers by providing legislative representation, insurance products, and professional support.

The WACOPS website serves to provide members within our state’s law enforcement community with legislative, upcoming training opportunities, scholarships, insurance and legal defense information, networking with other WACOPS members, and more.

The WACOPS Government Relations Committee invites current WACOPS members to participate in our upcoming advocacy event, WACOPS Virtual Hill Week. In alignment with guidance from the WA State Health Department the WACOPS winter general membership meeting, hill day, and legislative reception in Olympia were cancelled. However, WACOPS advocacy efforts are as vital as ever to ensure the voices of rank-and-file peace officers are heard during this historic legislative session for law enforcement.

The WACOPS Government Relations Committee and lobbying team have remained flexible and adapted to new methods of voicing priorities to lawmakers. You are at the forefront of monumental police reform proposals. To ensure you still have your opportunity to be heard, our virtual advocacy event will include instruction on effective strategies to empower WACOPS members to make their message known.

WACOPS Virtual Hill Week 
March 22- April 2, 2021
Check out the event schedule HERE
  • Learn about WACOPS highest priority bills for the 2021 legislative session
  • Option to attend Zoom advocacy briefings and a Q&A session that will prepare you for impactful messaging
  • Receive an Advocacy Toolkit including: Professional Advocacy Video, Who is WACOPS? Single Sheet, Priority Bill Summaries, Zoom Tutorial, and Post-Leg Meeting Feedback Survey 
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Members of 2021-2022 Legislature Emails - by District

2021 Session

2/25/2021 Law Enforcement Coalition's Letter to Senators RE: 2SSB5051, Concerning state oversight and accountability of peace officers and corrections officers.

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2019 Archive

FINAL DRAFT RULE From the CJTC on "Independent Investigations", December 9, 2019WACOPS Executive Director, Teresa Taylor responds to inquiry from the Seattle Times regarding the implementation of Initiative 1639, November 22, 2019 
TERESA TAYLOR'S TESTIMONY During the House Public Safety Work Session, November 21, 2019
The Washington Homicide Investigators Association (WHIA) sent a letter to the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC) concerning the Law Enforcement Training and Community Safety Act. Read Letter hereNovember 5, 2019

Wear The Badge

More than 11,000 men and women in Washington serve their communities as Peace Officers. If you're interested in becoming a member of the force or would like to hear stories, check out "Wear the Badge Washington." It's a program produced by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs. A career in Law Enforcement is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Click the link below to find out more.

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