WACOPS I.U.P.A Local #27

As your statewide champion advocating for your safety, pension, and collective bargaining rights WACOPS is always searching for ways to enhance our knowledge, strengthen our voice, and maximize your benefits. Earlier this year, the WACOPS Executive Board approved affiliation to the International Union of Police Associations (I.U.P.A.). Now, more than ever, we need the experience, professionalism, and support of a national advocate; we found that in the international union.

Through this affiliation will find a mind-blowing array of benefits at your fingertips. This includes insurance options, free online college, college scholarships, leveraged buying power for travel and retail purchasing, cell phone service and more. These benefits are yours to access and use.

For the WACOPS leadership team we now have access to national trend data, research papers/reports, and other training and tools to continue to keep us the best-informed law enforcement labor advocacy organization in our state. Now more than ever we must use every resource available, and I can’t think of a better partner than the International Union of Police Associations.

This affiliation is paid for through the operating budget of WACOPS. Access to the dozens of IUPA benefits is available to you at no additional membership fee to WACOPS or to the International. Dig in!

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