The Mark Brinkman Distinguished Service Award

Congratulations to the 2024 Award Recipients

Officer Jacob Schrader
WA Dept. Fish and Wildlife Police

On May 14, 2021, Officer Schrader responded to a 911 call from a distraught Mother. Her 1-year-old son had become unconscious and turning blue after experiencing a seizure. Officer Schrader responded to the scene and was met by the mother carrying her lifeless son. Recognizing that the child was moments from death, Officer Schrader knew he must take immediate action. Officer Schrader knew that transport would be too long to wait for, so he took the unconscious baby and while cradling him and providing airway support drove to the local hospital.  Because of Officer Schrader’s fast action and selflessness, the infant regained consciousness at the hospital.

Detective Ben Miller and Detective Ben Wheeler
King County Sheriff’s Office

On March 20th, 2023, King County Sheriff’s Detectives Ben Miller, Ben Wheeler, and David Easterly were serving an Eviction Order at a Seattle apartment. The Order called for the removal of any occupants and for the property to be turned over to the lawful owner.

After repeated commands for the occupant to vacate the premises. The detectives breached the door and were met with volley of gunfire. In an awkward and tight spot and in the chaos of gunfire, Det. Easterly was severely wounded. Recognizing the ongoing peril of Easterly’s position, Det. Miller and Det. Wheeler worked as a team to extracted Det. Easterly. Without hesitation, Det. Wheeler continued to return gunfire with the subject while Det. Miller provided immediate First Aid relying on their natural instincts and years of training, their heroic actions saved Detective Easterly. Det. Easterly lost a kidney and suffers from only 30% function in the remaining one. He endured dozens of surgeries and weeks at Harborview Medical Center. We all are grateful to the fast action of Detectives Ben Miller and Ben Wheeler.

Sergeant Dan Dusevoir
Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office

In the early morning hours on June 6th, Sgt. Dusevoir responded to a residential fire in which two homes were on fire. Sgt. Dusevoir, who was in the area and first on scene, responded to the call for help and acted without hesitation, and saved lives. Sgt. Dusevoir was the first responder on scene where a home was already on fire and a second home was quick to follow. Sgt. Dusevoir kicked in the front door of the home where people were believed to be inside, ran up the stairs where the home was now filled with smoke and started to call out to anyone inside. Two occupants emerged from the smoke towards Sgt. Dusevoir, and he quickly escorted them out of the house. Safely outside and within minutes of his quick and heroic actions, the fire spread to the upstairs.

Recognition of the Exceptional

Every day brave men and women put on their uniform and confront situations that most people will never encounter. Peace Officers are both the first and last line of defense and always society’s critical point of resolution. We are extremely fortunate to have such an incredible corps of public servants willing to protect and serve. In a profession of humble protectors, WACOPS encourages you to nominate your peers for The Mark Brinkman Distinguished Service Award. This prestigious award honors and brings distinction to the officer, the profession, and their department. Recognize a current WACOPS member who has exhibited an exceptional and outstanding performance of duties.

Nomination Requirements

  • Nominees must be a current WACOPS member in good standing.
  • Nominees must have exhibited at least one of the following characteristics above and beyond the normal scope of the profession exhibiting bravery, heroism, or outstanding community service.
  • Single exemplary acts and/or lifetime service will be considered.
  • Submit an online nomination. With your submission please include a detailed description of why your nominee deserves recognition, including the date(s) of their actions, a high resolution head-shot of the nominee (if available) and any supporting documents (i.e. article, letter of commendation).
  • All nominations will be reviewed by the WACOPS Awards & Scholarship Committee and final selection decided by the WACOPS Executive Board.
Award Ceremony
  • The award will be presented at the WACOPS Winter General Membership Meeting
  • The award recipient will receive overnight accommodations paid for by WACOPS, presented with the award, and recognized by their peers
  • The recipient's Chief/Sheriff will be invited to participate in the presentation
  • Local media will be notified of the selected recipient

Nomination Form

About Officer Mark Brinkman

In April of 2021 we suddenly and tragically lost Officer Mark Brinkman. Those that knew Mark found that he radiated a presence that was genuine, honest, and humble. Mark’s life and career in law enforcement was remarkable in many ways – present in the way he impacted the working environment of his colleagues and his contributions to community safety, in addition to his commitment to the place he lived, worshipped, and volunteered. Mark was a beacon of connection. Evident in the way he treated those he loved as well as the citizens he came into contact with, always with dignity and kindness. He was an officer for 35 years, beginning his law enforcement career in the City of Langley, before transferring to the Island County Sheriff’s Office and finally spending his last 25 years with the Lynnwood Police Department.

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