WACOPS Virtual Hill Week

WACOPS advocacy efforts are as vital as ever. To ensure the voices of rank-and-file peace officers are heard during the 2022 legislative session we extend to you an invitation to participate in the 2022 WACOPS Virtual Hill Week, February 14-18, 2022. This is an opportunity for members to meet with legislators to express support for a LEOFF 2 benefit improvement, concerns regarding civil liability and independent prosecution, and your thoughts on bills to address tactics and use of force. While the State capitol remains closed to the public, we are opting to host our second virtual advocacy event in place of the annual in-person day on the hill.

Virtual Hill Week is a time to empower WACOPS members to share their unique perspective with legislators that only comes from first-hand, on-the-job experience. Many of our members have taken the time to develop relationships with elected officials at the state and local level, and others are just beginning to step forward into advocacy. Each voice is vital as we set the stage for law enforcement labor legislative priorities and its our goal to help facilitate productive and meaningful discussions. Schedule and attend meetings by yourself or with a group of fellow WACOPS members, we will support you along the way and together be the collective voice for law enforcement labor.

Included in Registration

  • Option to attend an in-person or Zoom advocacy briefing and that will prepare you for impactful and cohesive messaging and learn about the WACOPS priority bills for the 2022 legislative session.
  • Receive our advocacy toolkit to set your meetings up for success
  • Prior to Virtual Hill Week WACOPS will be sending all legislators who schedule with WACOPS members a video message and note in preparation for their meetings.
  • Follow-up by submitting post-meeting feedback to the GRC, template to be provided in the advocacy toolkit.


Virtual Hill Week Timeline

January 5th - 21st      Register for Virtual Hill Week and request meeting(s) with your local legislator(s)

February 9th-11th      In-person advocacy briefing at the WACOPS Winter General Membership Meeting

February 14th            Zoom Meeting Advocacy Briefing with the Government Relations Committee ( This Zoom meeting will include similar content to the in-person briefing. Intended for members who are not attending the Winter General Membership Meeting, although all are welcome)

February 14th -18th    Members meet with their local legislators. Note: Due to the floor action schedule February 14th-18th, meetings are more likely to be scheduled towards the end of the week or into the following week.

Questions? Contact Kelsey Jewell, Admin & Events, [email protected]