Enter the Raffle! Register for the WACOPS Exclusive AFLAC Insurance Programs 

It's time to register for the WACOPS exclusive AFLAC insurance programs 
May 30 – June 30, 2023  

Cash benefits paid for out of pocket expenses associated with treatment of a covered accident.
Cash lump some benefit paid when diagnosed with a covered critical illness.
Cash benefits to help with costs of a covered hospital stay.

Coverage extends to both work related and non-work related qualifying claims.

When you register using the link below, whether you purchase coverage or not, you’re automatically entered into our raffle where you could win: Apple iPad Air (2 winners), Theragun Elite Massager (2 winners), or Apple AirPods (1 winner) or Samsung Galaxy Ear Buds (1 winner). Raffle winners will be notified by July 7th. Only WACOPS members are eligible for AFLAC coverages and raffle drawing.

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Already have an AFLAC policy?

In many cases the WACOPS AFLAC policies will feature richer benefits and/or lower costs for you and your family. If you would like to add additional coverage to your current AFLAC plan, this opportunity may afford you the best AFLAC coverage options.

If you would like a no obligation comparison to your current AFLAC product, or have any other questions please contact: 

Jason Jakobsen, Consultant, [email protected] (206) 371-9720
Blair Panzer, Consultant, [email protected] (206) 271-9550  

Or if you’re ready just Click here to Register and Sign Up  

For more detailed info on our AFLAC supplemental programs please visit: www.pseiibenefits.com/aflac.html 

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