LEOFF 2 Benefit Improvement - SHB 1701 PASSED

March 4, 2022

LEOFF 2 – Benefit Improvement – PASSED

Dear WACOPS members,

Great News!

I am honored to be the one here, in this moment, able to convey to you the incredible news of our success in gaining passage of the LEOFF 2 Benefit Improvement, SHB 1701.  Please know how long a journey this has been. This process began with the hard work and grass roots initiative to the people to create the LEOFF 2 Board.  Since its inception, the objective has been to improve your pension.  Many important improvements have been achieved along the way.  Last night the legislature authorized a significant, financial improvement and it’s a big deal. 

This process has been a coordinated effort of the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters and WACOPS.  While I get the great honor of announcing this long-fought win, the win is shared by everyone that has been a part of this effort over many, many years.  On behalf of the WACOPS Board of Directors, all the WACOPS boards that have come before, and WACOPS previous Executive Directors Bill Hanson and Jamie Daniels, please know how proud we are to have accomplished this.   

The bill will be signed later this month.  We know you have questions.  Please take a few minutes to visit the LEOFF 2 Board’s webpage (see link below).  At the LEOFF 2 Board’s page you will find an explanation of the bill and a place to research your circumstance and how the benefit will be calculated for you.  Please share this information with those that have already retired also.  Please also reach out to your legislator and thank them.  Not one legislator in the House or the Senate voted against this improvement.  That is worthy of your appreciation. 

Thank you for your ongoing investment in WACOPS.  I assure you, gaining an improvement to your pension is not something that would have “just happened anyway”.  This has been achieved through dedicated focus paid for with your membership dues.

Without WACOPS, this would not have been possible.   

For answers to the most commonly asked question, “How will this benefit improvement impact me?” please visit the LEOFF 2 Board’s website here: Proposed Benefits of the BIA Bill (HB 1701 | SB 5652) | LEOFF - Plan 2 Retirement Board (wa.gov)

Be well and stay safe!

Teresa Taylor
Executive Director
[email protected]

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PAUL WATSON - Thursday, June 09, 2022

Will those of us currently retired be able to directly deposit this money into our retirement accounts so the tax burden is offset etc?

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