Long Term Care Coverage: An alternative to the Washington State Long Term Services & Supports Act

Enrollment closes on September 20th, act now!

Public Safety Employees Insurance Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs (WACOPS).

Brief Background on Washington’s LTSSA: In 2019 the Washington State Legislature passed a mandatory payroll tax to take effect on January 1, 2022. The tax will be collected on every W-2 Wage Earner. The tax is currently set at .58cents per every $100.00 of gross wages. In 2021, WACOPS along with other first responder advocates and some employers, was able to get an amendment to the law that allows for current workers in WA to opt out of the tax if they have in place by November 1, 2021, an alternative insurance plan that meets the State’s mandated coverage level.

So your organization submitted a LTC census…what’s next? Now is the time to enroll for LTC coverage! Act soon to opt-out of the Washington State WA cares fund (LTSSA) LTC tax: enroll before November 1, 2021. Please notify your organization’s members that they are now eligible to receive a personal quote and to enroll using the ENROLLMENT LINK below. The enrollment window closes in September and there are instructions below to share with people who are interested in LTC to opt out of the payroll tax.

LTC Information and Enrollment


If you have not submitted a census for your group:

1.  Submit a basic spreadsheet roster (attached as xls.) to [email protected] or [email protected] (Organization name, member first name, member last name, member personal email)

2.  Receive confirmation email from us with enrollment link

3.  Enroll online before September 20th 

4.  Coverage starts 10/1/21 

·    Good news: If you know other first responders affiliates that are not WACOPS members, they can still enroll by paying a one-time $25.00 affiliation contribution which will go towards the WACOPS benevolent fund. Scroll down for more details.

·    Due to the limited nature of this opportunity please help us share this info with other police, fire and other first responder organizations in Washington State that could also be looking for a great low cost solution!

Where can you find out more? PSEII and its broker LBG Advisors are working hard to make sure every first responder in Washington has a choice when it comes to their long-term care needs. For more information about Public Safety Employees Insurance Inc and their alternative to the state’s payroll tax, please visit www.pseiibenefits.com. As this continues to develop information will be put there for your consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions: In the past few weeks we have received many questions about long term care, the state’s mandatory tax, and how to opt out, and how to enroll. Please review the list of questions and answers below. If you continue to have questions, please contact Jason Jakobsen at LBG Advisors ([email protected]) or Teresa Taylor, WACOPS Executive Director ([email protected])

FAQ Info Sheet Updated 8/2/2021


Census for WACOPS Members and Affiliated Non-Members

Q – I have been asked by WACOPS to complete a census form to include all the members of my organization. What is this for? Is it required? (The census format is available here: LTC - PSEII BENEFITS)

What is it for: The census is the document used by our underwriter to monetize the coverage options. Trustmark, the underwriter, has agreed to treat all WACOPS members as one group, rather than treating large member organizations within WACOPS more favorable than small ones. The census brings us all together, treats you all similarly, and leverages our strength in numbers.

Is the census required: In order to ensure our underwriter can offer the most affordable options, the census is required. The census is not to be completed by an individual. The census must be submitted by an organization.  At this time, only those that included their information in the census tool will be able to access the portal and receive a quote.

NOTE: There is no obligation to purchase a product. To have access to the PSEII alternative, please submit your organization’s census to [email protected]

LTC Census Template


Non-WACOPS Member Affiliates

At the time of policy enrollment, all non-WACOPS members will be required to make a one-time $25.00 affiliation contribution to the WACOPS Benevolent Fund only if they choose to purchase a policy. Link to make online payment via Square is below and also available at www.pseiibenefits.com. Are you unsure if you are an active WACOPS member? Please email [email protected] to inquire and confirm membership before submitting an affiliation contribution.

In most cases affiliates will include groups such as : Non-WACOPS member fully-commissioned officers, partial-commissioned personnel, non-commissioned personnel, communications personnel, corrections, dept. management, spouses/partners of WACOPS members.

LTC Affiliation Contribution Square Payment